Read a Woman’s Body Language in 10 Seconds Or Less

People who are successful in sexual encounters with members of the opposite sex, have the ability to send courtship signals and to be aware of those being reciprocated. Men are far less perceptive than women, regarding courtship and other body gestures. Some courtship gestures are studied and deliberate, while others are given unconsciously. These are some of the things that you need to consider if you want to learn how to approach women.

Certain changes are observed when a man and a woman approach each other from a distance, e.g., body sagging disappears, chest protrudes, stomach is pulled in, potbellied slumping disappears, the body becomes erect, the person appears to become more youthful. The best place to study these changes is the beach. Most often, a person returns to her original posture after she has passed the person who attracted her attention. You may be giving away yourself unconsciously!

Men like to preen when they see a female approaching them and you will find them straightening their tie or their collar, or brushing away imaginary dust from their shoulder, or rearranging their coat or shirt or even their hair. Like men, women too like to preen, touching their hair, smoothing their clothing, placing one or both hands on their hips, pointing out a foot towards the male, gazing intimately and increasing the gaze hold.

Try to observe a man on how he approach women. He may show his aggressive sexual display by the thumbs-in-belt gesture that focuses on his genital region. Another gesture could be that of turning his body towards the female and pointing his foot at her. He will hold her gaze intimately for a split second longer than necessary or usual, with his pupils dilated. A woman’s one-thumb-in-belt gesture is more subtle and feminine. She might also tuck in one thumb into her pocket and allow it to protrude from her handbag. She too has pupil dilatation when excited, compounded with flushed cheeks. They like to toss their hair back over the shoulder or away from their face, including those women who sport short hair. An interested female will expose the soft, smooth skin of her wrists, considered to be one of the highly erotic areas of the body, to the potential male partner. She may also expose her palm line meaning while speaking.

Often, you see men whenever they meet a woman: with his hands on his hips, a gesture to show off his physique and his willingness to get involved with the female in front. While leaning against a wall or while seated, he may spread out his legs to attract a woman’s attention. Men are guileless and less subtle than women, when it comes to displaying their courtship gestures. On the other hand, while seating or standing, a female may tend to keep her leg open wider than normally dine, when a male arrives on the scene. She has an accentuated roll of the pelvic region while walking, holds the man’s gaze with her eyelids partially drooping, long enough for him to notice, before she looks away. She wets her lips, thereby denoting sexual invitation. The color of the lipstick is used to indicate a sexually aroused woman.

Fondling objects like the stem of a glass, a cigarette, the strap of a handbag, etc., may indicate the thoughts running through her mind. By tucking one leg under the other, and pointing the knee to the person she is interested in, you can decipher on whom the woman is attracted to. The shoe fondle by thrusting the foot in and out of the shoe can arouse some men sexually. The leg twine or the crossing of one leg over the other is the most enticing sitting position that a woman can take to attract attention. Some women indulge in crossing and uncrossing the legs slowly before a man, while gently stroking the thighs with her hand, indicating a fond wish to be touched. This signs are enough for you to realize that you can approach woman.