6 tips for choosing twin names

Choosing a name for your baby is not easy, so when there are two or more, the plot becomes complicated. Twins have a very special relationship because they were conceived together, however, it is important for parents and family members to always be aware that they are not a “package” of babies, but rather two unique, special and independent human beings check your czech names origin (in czech).

This respect for the individuality of each baby should be reflected even in the name we choose for them. I had always liked the name Andrea and both my husband and I liked the name Maria for a girl.

So when it came time to choose TWO names for girls, we had it very easy: María and Andrea. But then, variations of Maria began to emerge, to combine it. My husband’s first name is José and we always liked that combination. The same day we found out that we would have two girls, at night they already had a name, and they were both completely different and individualized: María José and Andrea.

Within our search to select names, I found some tips for naming twins. Here are six essential tips for when you’re choosing names for your multiples:

1. Avoid rhymes
Rhyming names can create confusion and promote seeing babies as groups and not as individuals (for example, Sofia and María or Roberto and Alberto).
2. Do not choose the same name for a boy and a girl
Individualism is also affected if you call them by the masculine and feminine versions of the same name, like María and Mario, or Luis and Luisa.
3. Vary the initials
Be careful with names that start with the same letters. Having the same initials and dates of birth can create problems with legal records.
4. Don’t just give one the name of your father or mother.
Giving only one of the babies the name of the father or mother can have a negative impact on the baby who does not have it (Why is one named after dad and the other not? How do you decide which one is named after you? ).
5. Think carefully before using family names
Giving them names of other relatives can also cause conflict (Why is one of the children named after the grandfather and the other is not named after the other grandfather, for example? And won’t the other grandfather feel bad because they didn’t choose their name? name?).
6. Look for sounds that harmonize
Make sure the names sound good , that they are not complicated when you say them together, and that they flow well no matter which one you say first.

Our name is very important and defines us in many aspects of our lives. It is a very personal choice for each couple. If you have twins, choose their names carefully, because your babies will want to know that their names were chosen with love and that they are unique and special.

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