A Look At The Meaning Of Different Flowers

Giving flowers is a time-honored tradition for special occasions and events. However, the message behind a flower can sometimes be lost on the buyer and receiver. Certain types automatically are associated with certain feelings, such as roses for love and lilies for sympathy and purity. Knowing the meaning of different flowers can save you from awkward situations where you only want to say thank you, not I love you, to your boss or next-door neighbor.

Carnations are one of the most popular choices because they come in a variety of colors and meanings. While in general, they are associated with love and pride, there are many other reasons to give them. White shows good luck and pure love, light red offers admiration, with dark red offering love. If you want to imply someone is quite capricious, send him or her a bouquet of purple carnations to get the message across.

The Chrysanthemum gets it origin from Chinese gardens, representing the sun and a symbol of perfection. The message behind this flower is one of fidelity, optimism, and joy. There is no better way to show your fidelity and happiness to your spouse than presenting them with an array of chrysanthemums in a variety of colors.

Daffodils are the sign of the end of winter and new beginnings and are synonymous with spring. Legend has this cheerful flower associated with good luck and it should only be given in a bunch. If you want to thank that handsome man or beautiful woman that holds the door for you at work, a bunch of these is said to bring happiness.

Gladiolus got their name from the Latin word gladius, meaning sword, representing Roman gladiators. These are a symbol of strength and moral character. A bouquet of gladiolus sends the message of respect to someone whose character you admire lucky signs, making a bouquet a good choice for your boss on Boss’s Day or his or her birthday.

The peony has a long history, originating in what we today call China. Peonies have been used as a medicine throughout history and as a source of decoration. They are regarded as a good omen for good fortune and happy marriage. Today, when you are too shy to tell someone how you feel, they are the perfect choice in saying I love you to that someone special.

The sunflower has a long history from the Inca Empire to the Native American Indians. This large wonderful flower symbolizes longevity, happiness, and adoration. A field of sunflowers is a spectacular sight because they always face the sun. They are a fitting choice for the one you adore as a message of pure love.

Knowing the meaning of different flowers before you hand over a bouquet can mean all the difference in the world. Although roses are the expected choice in love, sunflowers and peonies are also popular ways to say I love you. If you want to make sure you never go wrong, no matter what message you want to send, stick with a bouquet of some of your favorite flowers to talk straight from your heart.