How to work on executive functions in the classroom?

In the classroom there are also concrete examples of activities for the development of executive functions in children reading comprehension.

In addition to the options we have discussed, professionals in early childhood and primary education can practice the following exercises:

  • Tell a story. Children can invent stories and tell them in class, capture them on paper through drawings and even help themselves with other classmates to shape their story. They work on organization, working memory and interaction with the environment.
  • Puzzles and riddles. Practicing puzzles and riddles helps them become more and more efficient at solving problems. In addition, they practice their working memory and gain self-confidence.
  • Songs. Music is a very useful element to make them practice body coordination, through movements and postures. When coordinating with the music, they should dance very fast or very slow and practice the response inhibition function.

We have told you what the main executive functions in children consist of, how they act and what is the best way to work on them. We hope that our proposal for activities and games in the classroom is useful to you and has helped you answer some questions.

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