Japanese cooking course: keys to sushi rice

Sushi is one of the gastronomic pillars of Japanese cuisine that has triumphed all over the world. The secret to a good bite of sushi is not only selecting a quality piece of fish , but also making sure the rice is at its perfect point.

Iván Sánchez, chef at the Kabuki and Kirei restaurants , tells us in this video the best tips to make the rice in your sushi pieces as authentic as possible.

As Sánchez explains, rice is a fundamental part of sushi pieces. Both temperature and texture are basic pillars. When serving sushi pieces (of any variety), the holding heaters are taken into account so that the temperature of the cut of fish and rice contrasts. The temperature of the rice is usually 36 degrees and the cut of fish between seven or eight degrees, not excessively cold so that the organoleptic properties of the product are not lost. This combination of temperatures is very pleasant in the mouth.

Regarding the texture of the rice, the pressure exerted on the piece of rice is especially taken care of within the art of preparing sushi. If the rice is packed too tightly and is also overcooked, it will have a very heavy and unpleasant texture in the mouth. The ideal and what is sought after is a rice whose grains expand in the mouth.

The dressing that the rice receives is essential for the different areas of the brain associated with flavors to be activated. The dressing for this ingredient has a dressing of sugar, salt and vinegar, so the niguiri would be the most pleasant piece based on this criterion.

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