Law: 5 skills that every lawyer should have

Being a successful lawyer is about having a true passion for the profession. To do this, you must cultivate these 5 skills that will allow you to make a difference in the workplace law tuition.


The ability to negotiate is a conciliatory vocation that will allow you to have a high resistance to frustration. Likewise, negotiation skills involve the ability to create an environment conducive to collaboration between colleagues.


Having the ability to intervene in a pertinent manner in the forums will allow you to stand out from the rest. Furthermore, oratory is the mastery of verbal and non-verbal language, for argumentative ability, which will give you clarity and naturalness when communicating.


The lawyer carries out his work in a context in which he necessarily has to interact with other people who have different perspectives and other beliefs that must be equally respected.

Conflict resolution

This skill is directly related to the negotiation ability, since a good lawyer knows that a good conflict resolution method occurs through conflict resolution where both parties feel satisfied with the results.

Citizen commitment

A good lawyer is constantly interested in what is happening in his society. He not only knows the law, but also has a clear vision on economics, politics and social issues.

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