List Of Celebrities Who Smoke Weed

As things get greener and greener in America, talking about who does or doesn’t get stoned has become much less taboo. People’s attitude has changed, and information that was once hidden has become fun and playful. Below is a list of celebrities who smoke weed.

Mathew McConaughey

The Oscar-winning actor Mathew McConaughey is undoubtedly one of those celebrities who smoke weed off-screen. He was even once arrested in 1999 while playing the bongos naked at 2 a.m on suspected marijuana procession cannibis dispensary.

Lady Gaga

The musicians documentary Gaga: Five Foot Two, where she discusses her issues with fibromyalgia and talks about her weed love. She got her to start bumping around the dirty-yet-hip clubs of Manhattan’s Lower East Side, though that doesn’t guarantee she smoked weed. However, some celebrities smoke weed for medicinal purpose also.

Megan Fox

The actress, model, and three kids’ mother said in an interview in 2009 about smoking weed. The 32-year-old actress was placed at the top of the list in FHM Online’s reader poll of the 100 Sexiest Women in the World, beating out Jessica Alba, who had won the year before. Although a decade has passed since her win, many men and women still would love to smoke with her.

Cardi B

The newly famous rapper who has taken the hip-hop game by storm was once upon a time a big pothead but now can’t even get slightly high without paranoia striking. Recently Cardi was woken by hotel staff and kicked out of her Albany, N.Y, for smoking weed. However, she swears of not doing it.

Doug Bensen

We can’t complete our list of celebrities who smoke weed without mentioning Doug Bensen. The guy is a comedian and TV actor as well as a marijuana activist. His popular podcast “Doug Loves Movies” and his video podcast “Getting Doug With High” tells you about his likeness about pot and makes zero effort to hide it. Doug has even created a comedy show Marijuana-Logues with a few comedian pals and used his career as an opportunity to promote the word “ganja.”

Brad Pitt

IN 2016 one of the magazines posted the green history of Brad Pitt. It is also said that Brad and Angelina broke up because of his for weed. According to Bill Maher’s opinion, Brad Pitt rolls perfect joints and has twisting abilities. The actor has spent most of the late ’90s “hiding out from the celebrity thing and smoking way too much dope. He also gave Obama a high five on his efforts to allow weed into the limelight in 2012.

Willie Nelson

Who doesn’t know about Willie Nelson among the celebrities who smoke weed? He is the universal symbol for marijuana. In 2010, the singer was busted for pot possession at the age of Seventy seven. That’s two seven side by side. Dude was old, but he didn’t even try to hide the pot was his or blame it on someone else.

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