Nugenix: The Perfect Holiday Gift For Any Man

Have you been wondering what might be an appropriate holiday gift for the man, or men, in your life? The answer might be an “outside-the-box” idea that would almost certainly elicit a grin from any red-blooded, modern male. It’s Nugenix, a libido-enhancing supplement that boosts free testosterone levels and acts as an all-around vitamin as well. Nugenix contains a natural fenugreek extract that has been shown in multiple scientific trials to up the body’s free testosterone levels.

How Does Nugenix Work?

Unlike some mainstream solutions, Nugenix needs no doctor approval and contains a potent all-natural ingredient, Testofen®, that is able to help you feel stronger, more energetic and more satisfied with muscle, as well as boost libido and sexual performance in aging men. All these characteristics of Nugenix have been clinically demonstrated in clinical studies, including those done under the auspices of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the University of Florida, to name just two.

The key ingredient in Nugenix is Testofen®, which works in combination with the B vitamins and zinc to boost free testosterone in the male body. Testofen itself is partially comprised of a proprietary extract of saponins called “Fenusides™,”.The combination is safe, and side effects are minimal and rare.

What is the “Curry Connection?

Many people know that a common spice, curry, also contains fenugreek and has been said to help raise free testosterone levels. This “urban legend” is only partly true. While some types of curry do contain a certain amount of fenugreek, the dosage is so small that you would have to consume insane amounts of curry to get any benefit at all, and the gastronomic side effects from eating so much curry could be downright dangerous. That’s why men who want to safely boost their free testosterone levels turn to Nugenix.

Are There Side Effects?

Online reviews of the product echo what has been shown in clinical research: Nugenix has no known significant side effects and is able to ramp up a man’s sex drive effectively. Another big plus for those who take Nugenix is its ability to boost the body’s free testosterone levels back to where they should be and to enhance how you feel about your strength and energy in the process.

What Else Does Nugenix Contain?

Along with Testofen and a range of vitamins, Nugenix pairs zinc with a powerful amino acid. Two B vitamins in Nugenix, B12, and B6, do their jobs to round out the formula.

Where Can People Purchase Nugenix?

At the company’s website,, consumers can either purchase the product directly or find a local store where they can get it. The GNC and Vitamin Shoppe chains both carry Nugenix. Also at the website, there are extensive customer reviews, an informative FAQ section that discusses some of the clinical research behind Nugenix, a health/wellness blog that contains dozens of educational articles, and more.

Who Can Use Nugenix?

While Nugenix works well for boosting the free testosterone levels in aging men, it also does an admirable job of helping to keep you motivated for your workouts. So, along with aging men, Nugenix also makes an ideal gift for any guy who wants a little help with getting “ripped,” maintaining a healthy drive, and boosting your energy to be a better athlete. Men of all ages can get a lot out of Nugenix.

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