Perfect images for Instagram: 5 tricks

Do you want your brand to go far on Instagram ? Have you created an account in this network for your company, but do not know how to get more followers? Do you need to boost your personal brand? With these 5 tricks, the most popular network of photographs in the world will no longer have secrets for you cheap instagram likes.

5 tricks to have the best images on Instagram

Know the keys to have the best images for Instagram and thus improve your engagement and brand image through this social platform.

1) Focus before shooting

Good planning is half the battle, and Instagram is no exception. The first trick to get the most out of this network is to ask yourself what you want to achieve exactly with it. In other words: why do you publish your photographs? What are your goals?

Many of Instagram’s most popular accounts are focused on a specific theme or have a very distinctive style. Define will help you to stand out and connect with your audience. And speaking of audience, you should also be very clear who you are addressing. Rather than thinking in terms of age or geographic location, Instagram moves on the basis of “tribes” : what things are you passionate about your target audience and what can you offer them to follow you?

2) Make (big) photos

Although many things have changed in the almost 5 years since the birth of Instagram, the basic function of this network remains the same: share images. Make sure yours stand out by following these tips:

  • Plan your photographs. The details are very important to get the perfect image, so you should prepare them in advance. You can even make a weekly or monthly planning of the photographs you are going to make and publish.
  • Make many, many pictures. One of the great secrets of good photographs is as simple as repeating until you get the image you are looking for. Think of a professional photo session shooting hundreds of times to choose only a handful of final images. Your perseverance will be rewarded.
  • Use natural light. This simple trick will make your photos look much better. In particular, when you take pictures of people, make sure your face is well lit. And do not forget to tell them where the camera is!
  • Apply the rule of three thirds. This basic composition standard helps to achieve much more harmonic images. To apply it, mentally divide your screen into three horizontally as well as vertically, so that you get nine rectangles. Now, visualize the four central points of intersection of the lines: this is where you must place the main interest of the image.
  • Use the golden ratio. If you already master the three thirds to perfection, the next step is to apply the golden ratio. This mathematical concept is expressed through a spiral where the relation between its segments is exactly 1.618034; it is believed that this proportion is aesthetically pleasing because it imitates nature. Use it as a composition guide to get more attractive images.
  • Do not forget the edition. Filters, cuts, frames … will give your image the final touch to really attract attention.

3) The applications, your great allies

If you want to succeed on Instagram, you can (and should!) Support you in some of the many applications specially designed to improve your photos and make the most of this network:

  • Lightroom. It is a very useful and user friendy tool. It allows quality photos to have a professional finish.
  • Photoshop. The mother of all image editing programs. It is for advanced levels, but if you know how to use it you can do wonders with your images.
  • Canva. This online application is very simple to use and allows you to quickly and intuitively frame the images, decide the size of the photo, add effects or texts and put some filter. It is for users who are not used to professional programs; it helps you to get images with a very good finish.

4) Do not forget the texts

Although the images are the main focus of attention, well-kept accompanying texts will help you tell your story. You can consider the description of each image as if it were a small blog post: tell the story of the photograph, explain what is happening, ask your followers their opinion …   And of course, use the hashtags to increase your visibility as much as possible.

5) Optimize the process

If you want to use Instagram in a professional manner, you will need a good working method. We recommend these five steps to make the most of your effort:

  • Plans. Think in advance what kind of images you are going to publish and what elements you need to make your photo.
  • Create your photos and edit them. If you organize with time, you can take all the images one week at a time and leave them ready to publish.
  • Publish your photos. Try to take advantage of the hours and days with the best response from Instagram users.
  • Promote your publication in other social networks. Sharing your photos on your Facebook page, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest or Twitter will give them a more visual touch, while helping you attract new followers.
  • Measure the results. To be better and better, you need to know what works and what does not. Every so often, reserve a space to see the results of your actions on Instagram, analyze the data and continue to refine your strategy. Good luck!