Safety recommendations to follow when sea kayaking

For kayaking to be safe and free of surprises, it is important that you follow some safety recommendations to continue sea kayaking . Because before getting started and making your first kayak outings, the ideal is to have previously done adequate training, following some basic safety notions. We also recommend sailing in company as much as possible, and if you can be accompanied by a professional kayaker, even better canyoning.

Safety recommendations for sea kayaking trips

These are the best recommendations to follow:

  • Plan your Kayak excursions . The ideal is that you plan them in advance and take the following into account when doing so:
  • Check the weather (weather information). It is very important that you check the weather before going out to sea, because if it is a very bad day, the sea could be very rough and sailing will be very difficult for you without experience, you could even get scared.
  • Take into account your physical fitness and limitations, which is always another aspect to take into account when doing a risky sport like kayaking. It is important that you are well trained and have some experience before embarking on the adventure.
  • Avoid sailing in the open sea. This is very dangerous, so avoid it completely, especially in unfavorable weather conditions.
  • Inform someone of your getaway and schedule. It is crucial that someone else knows that you are going sea kayaking, for your safety.
  • Prepare your navigation equipment in advance . It is important that you have all the equipment ready. You need a kayak prepared for sailing in the sea, a paddle float, a spare paddle, warm clothing and orientation systems. Bring everything you might need for your sea kayaking getaway, the following must be included for safety:
  • Water and food.
  • “Relief” and emergency equipment , such as flashlights, lamps, flares, a first aid kit, and a basic repair kit. Don’t leave your life jacket on .
  • Verify that everything works correctly . Nothing ever happens until it happens, so it’s important that you verify that it works correctly. Even though it takes a little time, it’s very important to make sure that you not only have everything you need, but that it will work in case something happens.
  • Sail accompanied and with everything you need . It is important that you navigate in company, especially if you are a beginner in sea kayaking. It is important that someone is the one you are going to board and not do it in open or rough seas, because it is very dangerous and if you go alone and do not have knowledge, you could have a bad experience.

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