Teen Sleep Solutions: Extra Long Platform Beds

Common sleep problems among teenagers can actually include the size of their bed. In this article we’ll take a look at some of the options available in beds and how they make help as a sleep solution best luxury beds natural Singapore.

Many of the most common sleep problems among teenagers can be associated with their bed. Some of these issues involve the mattress on the bed and can be easily remedied by replacing the mattress. What about issues with the length of the bed however? Height changes as you grow directly affect the way your bed feels and if you’ve outgrown your bed to where sleep becomes an issue it may be time to look at extra long platform beds.

Before talking about extra long platform beds it’s important to look at some of the most common sizes of beds and how they are used. Typically in adult rooms which are most often the master bedroom, you’ll find queen or king sizes. Queen size beds measure 60”x80” while king size beds measure 76”x80”. This eighty inch length works fine for most adults. They are intended to be used in rooms with more space.

In more humble sized bedrooms which are often a second or third bedroom you’ll find smaller beds intended for children, teens or young adults. These rooms often have insufficient size so placing modest beds in them is often more sensible to still allow for movement within the room. The two sizes that have always been great for smaller rooms have been twin and full sizes. Twin size beds measure 39”x75” while full size beds measure 54”x75”.

So this is the sleep problem. As teenagers become young adults they are most likely ready for larger platform beds such as queen or king sizes. However they are still living in limited sized rooms so twin or full size beds seem to be the only choice. However, there are alternatives available which can help provide better sleep positions and these are called extra long platform beds.

Extra long platform beds are made available in two sizes. Twin extra long or twin xl which measure 39”x80”. Also available are full extra long or full xl which measure 54”x80”. The size of these mattresses allow for them to be used with extra long beds in these limited sized rooms where you can’t fit a queen or king bed but would surely benefit from the added length of those beds. Hence the usefulness of twin extra long and full extra long beds.

In this article we’ve examined one of the common sleep problems among teenagers which is their bed. While larger sizes are available such as king and queen sizes these beds are too large to fit into smaller sized rooms. Twin and full size beds fit these rooms but are too small for teens and young adults. The solution is twin extra long and full extra long beds which provide the length of longer beds but are able to still fit within these modest sized rooms. If your teen has been having sleep issues you may want to consider purchasing them an extra long bed.

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