Top fortunate hues

Pull in good karma by focuinsg on these fortunate hues

You can build your odds of landing the ideal position, to get passage to wanted school or even to intrigue love of your life by utilizing these hues which Feng Shui accepts are fortunate hues for the year 2019 lucky color of the year.


Rust or earthenware is the shade with which you should respect your new year. A correct blend of inspiration, equalization and expectation this shade gives you the vitality you require.


Purple is the shade of otherworldliness and purple is the shade of truth. Be reasonable in accomplishing your objectives. Be consistent with yourself and afterward accomplish this objective.


Yellow is best shade which keeps you very balanced out in your own connections. Particularly when you are at home. As this is the extremely essential shade of vaastu.


A shade will is all brimming with exceptionally unpretentious and delicate vibrations. take to your new position, task with the intensity of this shade.


Well this shade is certainly one for the individuals who linger their calendars. A noteworthy shade, carry one to avert all lathargy from your everyday practice.