What flowers to choose for a funeral?

In most events, flowers are always present, whether it is an event of happiness in our lives or in those moments of sadness and farewells. Flowers will always represent the perfect symbol when we want to show our family, friends or loved ones our gratitude, affection and support in case of the loss of a family member or loved one funeral flowers.

In this post, we are going to be talking to you about how to choose the right flowers for a funeral, in order to express our feelings and comfort towards the family of the person who has died. However, at coronasflorestanatorio.com you can choose from a wide variety of arrangements designed especially for these special occasions and condolences.

On the other hand, at coronaflorestanatorio.com you can also get advice from the staff to make that special dedication for these occasions, it is the message that will accompany the bouquet or wreath of flowers that you have chosen to send in those moments of condolence.

How to choose flowers for a funeral?

There is a wide variety of flowers on the market, however, when we have to choose one we will not know which are the appropriate flowers to send in cases of showing our condolences, for this reason below we will see which are the most common flowers to send to a funeral and why.

Roses: At most funeral events, roses are usually sent; you can choose white, red or pink. If you choose pink you will express gratitude and appreciation towards the relatives of the deceased person, but on the other hand if you choose red it will represent a symbol of respect and love.

Carnations: This is one of the most used flowers in these cases, like roses. Carnations represent the admiration and appreciation you had for the deceased person. This type of flower is the most used to make arrangements such as bouquets, wreaths and centerpieces, making this flower the protagonist of most shipments.

Daisies: Daisies are also chosen by many people to be part of their funeral arrangements. Daisies represent purity and loyalty, signaling a new beginning and a tribute to the person who has died.

Gladioli: They are another type of flowers used in funeral arrangements, they are generally accompanied by other flowers such as roses. Gladioli symbolize honor, affection and sincerity and are quite attractive because they have long stems that make them elegant.

Liliums: This is another type of flower that is part of the arrangements used in times of mourning. With them you can express condolences to the family who has lost their loved one. Lilies represent the simplicity of the eternal soul.

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