7 Cannabis Meditation Strains

Cannabis has been used for centuries and one of the first purposes was spiritual. Our ancestors from ancient China, Scythia, Persia and India used cannabis plants in their rituals and ceremonies. In one of the sacred Indian pieces of Veda literature, in Atharvaveda (1000 – 800 BCE), cannabis is mentioned as one of five holy plants. It is not surprising, that in the modern world people continue using marijuana for spiritual, meditation aim Ohio Medical Weed.

Cannabis is being used for different purposes, medical social and spiritual. Its effect depends on the quality of weed, the specialties of strain, quantity, method of using and personal physiological and mental features. You can learn more about cannabis on AskGrowers. Generally, people use marijuana to improve their lives’ quality.

According to MindWorks review of the studies about meditation, it reduces the symptoms of anxiety and depression, it helps brain to combat stress, control attention, increases focus and body awareness. There are lots of meditation benefits and no doubts, that weed consuming strengthen these benefits. Marijuana helps to concentrate, relax, increase consciousness. Actually meditation and cannabis have similar effects, which gives their combined impact a double power.

Meditation state influenced by cannabis depends on the strain, here you can find TOP 7 strains that users claim to be the best for meditation.

Lamb’s bread

One of the most popular strains in Jamaika and Bob Marly’s favourite strain is known for its uplifting, awakening effects and is perfect for the morning use. With 95% Sativa, it gives users concentration, euphoria and boosts creativity, which makes it perfect for meditation. The strain has a grassy and cheesy taste and contains 16-21% THC and 1% CBD.

White buffalo

Sativa based white buffalo with its berry aroma and earthy taste has strong mental effects. It gives a consumer quick headrush, positive euphoria, increases energy, stimulates thinking processes, sharpens perception, but at the same time allows user to keep the body calm and relaxed. It can be pretty potent with up to 25% THC.

Laughing Buddha

With this strain, you will totally enjoy your meditation process better. It gives positive vibes, helps to forget about daily stresses and to go deep inside your mind. Laughing Buddha is also nice for social purposes, it makes a consumer friendly and conversations easy and flowing. This 100% Sativa strain with 25% THC and 1,5% CBD has herbal and citrus taste.

Durban poison

100% Sativa with 8.6% THC, this sort is also one of the best strains for creativity and focus; it is positive, invigorating, broaden consciousness, sharpens perception, is suitable for meditation, communication, walks, and parties, does not give effect to fatigue, and you won’t feel hangover afterward. It has a pine taste and sweet licorice aroma.

Blue dream

Highly popular Blue Dream with blueberry and citrus notes in taste is absolutely perfect for the morning meditation due to its awakening and sharpening attention effects. This Sativa based hybrid makes users positive, focused, happy and helps to pay attention to the details. A potent strain with 24% THC and 2% CBD will help you to enjoy your meditation fully.

Oregon lemons

The weed with lemongrass and green tea sweet and fresh taste will provide you with relaxed and euphoric meditation. This strain is an equally balanced hybrid with 50% Sativa and 50% Indica is super potent with up to 29% THC. It doesn’t have any energizing effects, on the contrary, it is relaxing, calming and even couch-locked effects, making a consumer focused inside the consciousness.

Northern lights

Unlikely other Sativa based strains, this one is a hybrid with 95% Indica. This highly sedative strain is recommended for the night time meditation and is great for relaxing pain and stress relieving meditation. With sweet and spicy aroma Nothern Lights contains 16,5% THC and provides users with deeply enjoyable dream euphoria.

Sometimes it is hard for some people to get into the real meditation process because every manifestation of the outside world distracts from getting inside the mind and relax. In this case, or if you just want to make your meditation sessions deeper and stronger, using one of the cannabis strains offered above will surely help you. It is only left to choose which one would be your helper in the meditation process.

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