Curtains Vs Blinds – Advantages And Disadvantages

When you are searching for window treatments for your home, there are myriad types of blinds and shutters in Sydney available in the market, and choosing the right one for your home and your specific requirement can be quite an overwhelming task fabric for curtains.

Each and every different type of window covering has its own pros and cons when it comes to installing them in your home, however, when selecting the right window covering for your specific purpose you should consider the following factors:

Purpose – What are you looking to achieve with your window treatments, is it aesthetics or greater functionality? It is important to consider your own lifestyle and individual design tastes when considering what window coverings should be installed in your home.
Budget – The budget you have allocated for your window treatments is very important because you need to know how much you can spend on them. There are so many options around with varying prices, so you are sure to find a great mix of window treatments that will fit nicely within your budget.
Current décor – When buying window treatments, they should complement your existing décor and design style, as well as your chosen colour theme. If you have very dull furnishings then brightening up the room with some colour is ideal, while you can create a much smoother finish with natural tones if you already have very bold colourful furniture.
Privacy and light – What do you want in terms of controlling light and privacy in your home. Do you want more natural light or to block out the light totally? What kind of privacy options do you need?
Safety – When it comes to window treatments, most come with cords and chains and could pose a hazard if you have young children or pets in your home. Hence considering a motorised option may be best.
Size and shape – While standard window sizes and shapes are easier to fit out with the right window treatments, it is not so easy if you have large or oversized windows or odd shaped ones. Hence, the type of window treatment you chose should be customisable.

Blinds and curtains (or drapes) have been two very popular styles of window treatments over the years, with many homeowners selecting options from one or the other for their homes. However, what is the better option you might ask. Let’s see what they both offer in terms of advantages and disadvantages.

Design possibilities – While both provide great aesthetics, curtains offer many more options and many design possibilities, where you can match different types of fabrics, colours or even prints. You can even get customised prints for your curtains which add a touch of personalisation. However, unlike curtains in Sydney, Blinds don’t really offer many design options, except variations in colour, fabrics etc.
Light & Privacy control – Both blinds and curtains provide great control of both light and privacy, as you have the options of opening and closing them according to your specific requirements.
Energy Efficiency – Curtains tend to provide greater insulation and therefore bigger savings in terms of energy consumption than blinds. This is because you can line curtains or get very thick fabrics that insulate the room. The other reason is that curtains cover the entire length and width of your window with no gaps for air to escape, unlike blinds.
Cost – Blinds are far less costly than curtains, because in order to cover large windows or get effective insulation you will need to have more fabric, which can increase your costs. Blinds are one of the most cost-effective window coverings around and ideal for those on a low budget.
Cleaning and maintenance – Blinds are far easier to clean than curtains in Sydney, as curtains will need to be completely removed, washed or dry cleaned and reinstalled. This process also takes a lot of time. With blinds a simple vacuum on a daily basis will keep them looking clean and new.
Safety – Both these options have cords for operating which can cause a safety hazard for young children and pets, however with blinds you can go for a motorised option which removes this risk altogether.
Durability – Blinds tend to be far more durable than curtains, since curtains can fade and will need to be replaced far sooner than anticipated.

Since both these types of window coverings have pros and cons, for those looking for the ideal blinds and shutters in Sydney for their home, it is really a personal choice and what their specific requirement calls for. Most interior experts recommend combining both blinds and curtains to get a more efficient functionality and greater aesthetics.

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