Meet Raw Beauty Green Superfood

HUM’s newest addition to the beauty supplement line will reinvent your afternoon routine. Meet Raw Beauty, our new green superfood powder.

Meet Raw Beauty, Green Superfood Powder

Raw Beauty was inspired by a HUM survey of 10,000 consumers that found the majority of women reaches an energy & productivity low by 2:55pm. We found popular solutions to fight fatigue often include unhealthy choices that tire you out in the long run and punish your skin and waistline, such as Red Bull, caffeinated drinks or sugary snacks.

Raw Beauty is here to change that. This ultimate beauty boost with skin-nourishing benefits is packed into a single scoop of trending ingredients in 2016 known for their widespread health & beauty benefits. The green superfood powder contains a proprietary blend including daily fruits, veggies, greens, adaptogenic herbs, digestive enzymes and 3.5 billion probiotics.

The best part? Mint, cocoa and low-glycemic index coconut sugar deliver a delicious tasting green superfood with only 25 calories – think mint chocolate chip ice cream without the guilt.

The Raw Beauty Story

Raw Beauty was inspired by the desire to solve the afternoon energy slump and the subsequent sugary snacks and unhealthy choices that tend to follow. However, to develop a powder for our line of beauty supplements in capsule form, we were entering uncharted territory. HUM founder Walter Faulstroh shares the story of how Raw Beauty was born and how it evolved into the Ultimate Beauty Snack.

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