What Are the Best Natural Testosterone Boosters For Men?

Question: Are there any natural testosterone boosters that could raise my levels without having to resort to drugs?

What about lifestyle choices?

Answer: Low testosterone is no fun. It leads to less muscle, more body-fat, depression and, of course, the inability to get it up.

This is a recipe for a disastrous, unhealthy, lonely life.

The problem, though, is what happens when you look for ways to boost testosterone. You get bombarded with supplement scams that claim 697% increases in testosterone.

If only that were true.

Any “supplement” that makes a significant difference is either illegal or requires a prescription.

Which is okay. The vast majority of you don’t need anything like that to boost your testosterone levels. Those just put a band-aid over the problem.

Instead of taking a supplement, you have to attack the root cause of low testosterone levels.

Address the lifestyle factors that tanked your testosterone in the first place. Think of it this way.  If you had toilet that punched you in the nuts every time you sat down to lay a log, what would you do? Wear a cup to the bathroom every day? Or get a new toilet?

You’d get a new toilet.

A Brief Primer on Testosterone Production

Your balls make testosterone from cholesterol as the starting product. The cholesterol can go to a variety of hormones, too. It can make cortisol, estrogen, DHEA, etc..

A variety of factors dictate which hormone the cholesterol becomes.  So the question is, “How do I send as much as possible to testosterone?”

The 3 Goals of Maximizing Testosterone Levels

  1. Ensure you have enough of the building blocks for testosterone production (ie. cholesterol)
  2. Ensure you shuttle as much of that cholesterol towards testosterone production as possible.
  3. Ensure that, once your balls make the testosterone, it doesn’t get converted to estrogen, or another hormone that doesn’t help you build muscle and get jacked.

That’s it. That’s all you have to do.

Looking at it that way, you can create a list of lifestyle habits that will optimize each one of those goals.

  1. High Priority Tips
    These are the ones you have to develop first. They will give you the most bang for your buck in boosting testosterone levels.
  2. Medium Priority Tips
    Once you have Tier 1 covered, you can start to work on these.
  3. Low priority Tips
    These are the tip of the iceberg. The stuff you can worry about once  you have mastered the two foundational levels.

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