How to get followers on Facebook: 5 strategies to boost your profile or that of your business on social networks

Being the most popular social network in the digital microcosm with more than 3 billion users (and the numbers continue to grow as you read this article), gaining followers on Facebook is one of the main objectives of every marketer focused on social networks comments go. Below, we present five strategies to get followers on Facebook:

1) Catch them with the title and copy
The quality and originality of your content, whether in text or audiovisual materials, is undoubtedly one of the pillars for gaining followers on Facebook. You probably already knew this and it is the main recommendation of any list on the internet to get followers on Facebook. However, in this section we are going to focus on language , specifically on the use of so-called “power words” to accompany your content and get followers on Facebook.

David Ogilvy, one of the most successful advertising moguls of the last century, knew well the power of using the right words. In the 1960s, he created a list of the most relevant words for the world of advertising. Although times have changed and social networks have transformed the way we communicate, many of these words remain valid. These are some that are applicable to social networks:

Who doesn’t like free things? This word can inspire you to offer added value to your audiences, such as a contest. Also, think about what you could give to your audience: maybe a free template, a list of tips, an infographic. Get creative!

Two letters that empower due to their inclusive and direct nature. It’s the best way to speak directly to users and create connections.

Words that denote immediacy and urgency
Now, immediate, urgent, limited, easy, today

Words that evoke special characteristics
Magical, wonderful, incredible, sensational, exclusive

Words that evoke curiosity
Surprising How Discover New Why

Words are capable of creating emotions and moods, and used properly, they can be applied to get followers on Facebook. Keep this in mind the next time you find yourself writing titles, subtitles, or copy for one of your posts. Like these words and their variants, the use of lists and numbers is a great tip. Stop for a moment and think: why did you decide to click on this article? The number five in the title “ 5 Strategies to Boost Your Profile… ” probably played a role in your decision.

2) More personal interactions
As author Emily Copp explained in our blog Top 5 Social Media Trends for 2019, many users have lost trust in social media and influencers. Therefore, this year, everything revolves around humanizing social networks and rebuilding this trust in audiences. People are looking for more personal interactions, and Facebook groups are a great way to generate this feeling of connection and closeness. A Facebook group is a space where users can congregate to talk about a specific topic of interest. Anyone with a business page on Facebook can create a group and can choose to make it public, private, or secret. A public or private group presents a great opportunity to gain followers on Facebook and interest them in your profile or business.

In a public group, users can join immediately. In a private group, interested users need to send a request that will be approved by a moderator, and only then will they be able to see the content published in the feed. To enter private groups, users generally have to answer a short survey. These filters are a good idea because, while protecting the privacy of existing members, they help you create a safe space and an interactive community that is truly interested in the Group.

For example, Condé Nast Traveler (one of the leading magazines in the travel industry) has a Group called Women Who Travel focused on women who travel. In this community, women from all over the world can share what it means to them to be female travelers, share experiences, destinations and travel tips, and connect with like-minded women. This group generates a positive and inclusive feeling towards Condé Nast, which can directly result in gaining more followers on Facebook.

In addition to creating your own groups, discover, join and participate in other groups in your niche. In addition to getting more followers on Facebook, this is a good idea to grow your network of contacts and share your points of view or tips about certain topics and thus generate interest in your profile. But remember, avoid direct self-promotion!

3) Invest in your video content
According to Forbes , Facebook has become the new favorite for video marketing. With more than half a billion users consuming video content daily through Facebook, the platform has surpassed even YouTube. A survey conducted by Slidley , and cited by Forbes, confirms these data by revealing that 47% prefer to consume videos on Facebook, while 41% continue to do so on YouTube. In conclusion, videos have become an essential factor to make your profile stand out and thus gain followers on Facebook.

The videos are super visual and present a simple and immediate format for consuming information. Producing quality videos can raise your budget, but with options like Facebook Live and Facebook Stories , you can stay ahead of these new trends and stay within your budget.

Facebook Stories and Facebook Live
Facebook Lives are real-time video broadcasts that generate a feeling of authenticity in people. The immediacy and real-time qualities of Facebook Live also generate a sense of credibility and security in the audience, which makes it more likely that your existing followers will recommend and share your profile and your content in order to gain more followers on Facebook. Time Out México magazine presents a weekly Facebook Live called #MiércolesdeCine where it brings together experts from the film industry to talk about premieres, products and everything related to the seventh art. This type of content is very shareable and motivates users to participate by leaving comments that appear during the transmission.

According to Tech Crunch , Facebook product manager Chris Cox revealed that Facebook Stories , these vertical videos that disappear after 24 hours, are on track to overtake the News Feed in 2019. Stories (in addition to be very easy to create) feel much more personal, which is perfect in this search by social media users for authentic and trustworthy content. You can choose to make your stories public so that any Facebook user can view them. These can be the first port of contact for new users with your profile, so if you are not taking advantage of the potential of this feature, it’s time to start!

4) Get followers on Facebook with Insights
With the free statistical report that Facebook offers to all users with business pages on the platform, you can obtain a report about the strategies that are working the most on your profile, as well as know the demographics of your users in order to turn this information into direct actions to get followers on Facebook. These insights are a treasure trove that will serve as a guide to analyze your existing efforts. This data is also essential to know the best time to publish your content based on the days and times in which your publications have the greatest potential to reach a broader audience.

Once you’ve audited your content and demographics with Insights, experiment with new formats and strategies with A/B testing organically. Consider promoting top-performing posts with Facebook Ads to reach more people.

Hootsuite Analytics can also be of great help in this part. Thanks to its detailed statistical reports, you can monitor campaigns, identify trends, track follower growth and discover opportunities in real time to increase your results.

5) Make yourself easy to find
Make sure to share your Facebook profile wherever possible to get more Facebook followers. For example, whether in the footer or contact page of your website, in your email signature, LinkedIn profile and even on your business cards.

Use plugins so that interested people don’t even have to log into Facebook to follow your page or share the content of your website.

Once you start getting followers on Facebook, remember that the most important thing is to encourage the interaction of your followers. These five strategies on how to get Facebook followers can help you also lay the foundation for establishing a strategy that encourages interaction.

Ready! Now it’s a matter of starting to execute your plan to get followers on Facebook. And what better way to do it than with the right tools.

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