Geographic information into the regional ecological and economic

Vigorously develop the surveying and mapping geographic information industry is to build Jiangxi Province, Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Zone, the scientific development, and carry catch green rise. Since 2011, Jiangxi to build “digital Jiangxi, monitoring geographic national conditions, to grow and develop industry, improve the level of protection achieved remarkable results, 9.7 billion in economic benefits for the community, creating a record high. As an integral part of the “digital” building, the building of digital Jiangxi now has entered the acceleration phase land surveying equipment.

Jiangxi Province, surveying and mapping geographic information by the Secretary for high Zhenhua said in the speech of the meeting, “Digital Jiangxi has spread out across the three cities in the province has completed the pilot project of the National Digital City, the digital city construction work is highest in the country. Hypergraph software Geomatics Center of China and Jiangxi Province, signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the “digital Jiangxi geospatial framework,” Digital Jiangxi sharing platform, the “digital city management” industry cooperation projects reached a clear intention. In addition to the Digital City, the two sides will be “a map” data center, integrated monitoring platform, mining governance, supervision and management, planning and building a database management, information technology, construction content as land and industry application of the model, combined with ultra-mapping software in GIS technology highlight the advantages to jointly promote the Jiangxi Homeland information technology to the new leap.

National conditions and monitoring of closely linked to geography and geographic information industry development focus on the “digital Jiangxi will highlight the Digital City, water regulation, agricultural services, emergency and security features. With the state in recent years to support the development of central and western regions and the old revolutionary base areas intensified, Jiangxi Province has invested more than 30,000 billion yuan in building key projects and livelihood projects, and actively introduce the latest geographic information technology, a full range of services to socio-economic development. SuperMap GIS-based platform for water resources monitoring and management system, for example, the system mainly in water resource management and scheduling as the core, forming a real-time monitoring of water resources, water resources information management, and other major business applications, to enhance the management of water resources level of modernization. Digital real estate construction, Yingtan digital housing management platform, the Shangrao Real Estate Housing Register Information System are used SuperMap GIS platform to promote the real estate management toward government information openness,Main products: car DVD player and car dvd , are with good quality. transparency of public services, convenience services interactive of. As an important commodity grain base in China, Jiangxi Provincial Meteorological Bureau hypergraph software based on SuperMap GIS platform for cooperation to develop agro-climatic zoning of fine products production and distribution system for all cities and counties in Jiangxi Province to promote, truly a management of grain and cotton received map for the Jiangxi Agriculture “to” fine transformation provides a new means of technology.

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