The Consumer’s Guide To The Best Protein Shakes

There are a few essential elements you need to be successful in the pursuit of your health and fitness goals, no matter how small or large they may be. First, you need the mindset: determined, focused and unwilling to accept anything less than your best efforts. Having a healthy mental approach to fitness is critical to making any lasting lifestyle changes. Second, you need the exercise routine. Depending on personal goals, a fitness routine can vary hugely from person to person, so be sure to ask for the support of a trainer to help design a plan that will push you towards your goals. Finally, the third key ingredient to health success is a well-rounded, nutrient-packed diet. One of the most critical parts of a healthy diet is protein, the macronutrient responsible for building and repairing muscle. Even if you are brand-new to the fitness world, you have probably heard plenty of people talking about protein.

Why is Protein Important?

Protein is a hot topic for a good reason. When you are meeting your protein goals, your body is in the optimal condition for maximizing results from your exercise routine. Most people would agree that the one thing their fitness goals all share is a common desire to build and tone muscle, as well as burn any excess fat. Protein unlocks this potential and kicks it up several degrees. It is directly responsible for developing those toned, perfect muscles everyone is striving for.

How Do I Use Protein Powder?

The beauty of protein powder is that it is incredibly easy to use. Mix it with a little bit of water or milk, and you have a delicious shake ready to go. Making it even more accessible is protein shake packages, like the Ripped Whey blend from PI Nutrition, with single-serving packets that you can throw in your gym bag or take to school or work.

If you’re looking for variety, the good news is you aren’t limited to Best Protein Shakes. High in protein, recipes that utilize protein powder as a supporting ingredient are becoming more and more popular. Pancakes, muffins, pudding – you can make them all with protein!

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