Performix SST – What Is It?

Performix SST is manufactured by Performix Inc, an American company located in Denver. The company has an official website which is not very informative, though, it only gives the list of produced supplements mainly designed to improve physical performance of people involved in sports activity, as well as for those who want to lose some weight. The website doesn’t contain any information about possible side effects of the supplement which is very important to know for each customer.

Performix SST is a fat burner with a stylish package. However, if you make an online research for “Performix SST Reviews” you will find very little biased information, that’s why I’ll try to make this review as objective as possible. The Performix SST package can make even the most skeptical client believe that this is a healthy product. But you should not hurry up. Instead find a good specialist who will examine you and define whether you need to use this fat burner. Besides, it’s a relatively new product, so it cannot be trusted immediately. Performix is claimed to significantly boost energy and make your body burn more calories. Let’s find out if it is really working.

Where To Buy Performix SST?

Performix SST is sold only at GNC, but it is available on a number of online retailers as well, including Bodybuilding, GNC, and Amazon. It is available in a powder or capsule form. One month supply will cost to $100.

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