Tips for using infrared radiation heating

With the arrival of spring and good weather little by little we are getting rid of stoves, boilers, heaters… But the nights are still cool and depending on the area of ​​the country in which we live, heating is necessary to be able to maintain a suitable temperature. One of the best heaters for the mid-season is infrared radiation or thermal radiation, we give you some tips for using it aluminium infrapanel.

What is infrared radiation heating?
Also known as thermal radiation, it has heating processes with infrared emitters (with high profitability) and the heat energy is transmitted through electromagnetic emissions. Bodies absorb infrared emissions and transform them into heat.

This is a type of heating that is recommended in cases of outdoor spaces, where irradiation and therefore heating works better. And this technique allows generating heating without the need to heat the air, which is the most traditional and widespread method.

Advantages of infrared radiation heating
The installation of heating by infrared or thermal radiation means energy savings, comfort for users and is also a friendly system for the environment, since it is an energy that does not dirty the planet.

  1. Heat is produced on the body on which it affects, as the sun does on the Earth.
  2. Heat is used where necessary.
  3. The heat is not dispersed into the environment and this saves us.

Tips if we use radiation heating

  • The best space to install infrared heating plates is the ceiling, since this way 100% of their efficiency is achieved.
  • It heats 2 meters down and no heat is lost.
  • Each room in the home would have to have its own thermostat installed to be able to regulate the temperature according to the use made and also the person who lives there.
  • Aluminum is the material that provides the most infrared.
  • There are also carbon glass, which can be decorated and are more elegant, although they do not obtain as much performance as aluminum. It is estimated that this performance drops around 35%.
  • A performance that depends on the climatic zone where the home is located (in Spain we have 5 different zones), orientation of the home and the dimensions and characteristics of each room.

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