What is spiritual awakening and what are the symptoms?

More and more people feel that they are spiritually awakening. Spiritual awakening means that you intuitively shift your attention from the outside to the inside. So that your body and mind come into balance and you learn to love yourself again Matses. Some describe this process as if they suddenly ‘saw the light’, as if a flame was lit in their heart. Are you in the middle of a spiritual awakening or curious about what spiritual awakening is, what the symptoms are, and what is the best way to deal with this process? Then keep reading this blog!

What is spiritual awakening?
When you’re working on your personal development these days, you can’t avoid spirituality . As with personal development, spiritual awakening is also about consciousness. Spiritual awakening means you become self-aware by turning from the outside in. It is rediscovering your true self, the one who is always with you and is inside you. You will discover who you really are and that everything is connected. Spiritual awakening is a constant invitation to embrace yourself as you are, with all your imperfections. It is allowing yourself to be what you are.

The process of spiritual awakening
The process of spiritual awakening always leads to changes. For some, the process may be very slow and gradual, while for others it ends in a short time. If the process is very rapid, it is likely that your spiritual awakening was triggered by an event that had a great impact on you, such as an accident. But whether your awakening is fast or slow, it is always accompanied by resistance. Sometimes it may even feel like you are losing yourself. It is not surprising, because spiritual awakening usually involves great interior changes. Psychedelics like psilocybin can aid in a spiritual awakening.

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