6 Practical Tips to Grow Spiritually

Many times we believe that having a good relationship with God is just praying and reading the Bible every day, but in reality it is something deeper than that Matses.

The dictionary defines the word “relationship” as the correspondence, connection or union between two people in which both actively participate and expect to mutually benefit from what they do and deliver.

I share with you six practical tips to grow or improve in your personal relationship with God:


Something that we all expect from our prayers is that they be effective, sometimes we focus so much on the results that we forget the great privilege that God in his infinite mercy gave us to be able to speak with Him.

Talking to the Almighty is already too incredible and even greater is knowing that He listens to us.


Being clinging to the past is a chain that will drag as long as you live remembering what has happened to you. Consider that you don’t live from the past, you can learn more from it; Break that chain that keeps you tied to the past, because if you continue with that thought you will never be happy, much less will you live peacefully for the simple fact of remembering events that did not do you good.

Living in the past becomes a cage because when we do it we punish ourselves, even if we say that we have already overcome it, when that is not entirely true.

Of course you can learn from everything, even the bad things, but don’t cling to those situations that we all go through at some point. Let the past be just that, the past!


We are always working hard and we make sure our time is filled with things to do, but of all those things, are we being productive?

Busy: having tasks or work to do
Productive: that is useful and profitable

We need to understand the difference between being busy and being productive. Being productive does not mean completing many tasks.

Busy people always complain about not having time for anything, while productive people know how to make time for what’s really important.


Having good friends is having the security that we will never be alone and that there will always be someone willing to listen to us, to lend a hand when we need it most.

Many people have a misconception of friendship and consider that good friends are those who are willing to have fun and enjoy being with them, despising those people who give them good advice, a real friend is capable of telling you what he thinks about you and As he sees you, he is there to advise you even if he has to contradict your wishes.


We are currently surrounded by images that bombard us with perfect bodies and faces that we are supposed to aspire to. Advertising, social networks, and movies show us a standard that is often impossible or idealized. This means that in many cases we have an erroneous perception of our body and our reality.

You look in the mirror and just at that moment you think and even say it, what an ugly nose, my hair is horrible, my eyes are too small, my height doesn’t help me at all, my skin color is pale and we could go on and on. It doesn’t end…surely we have felt this way on more than one occasion; but this happens to us because we do not look at ourselves with the love with which our creator looks at us.

    As obedient children, do not live according to the desires you had before knowing God. On the contrary, live in a completely holy way, because God who called you is holy; Well, the scripture says , “ Be holy, for I am holy.

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