Since there are different types of flights, traveling by plane has become more accessible for people with all types of budgets, allowing travelers to choose the type of flight best suited to their needs. This competitive world of passenger air transport is subdivided into 3 categories: charter, low cost and regular flights بلیط تهران کیش.

Every tourist, aviation student, cabin crew member and other personnel must know precisely the key differences between flight companies, being able to have even greater skill and sense of orientation regarding services, conditions, departures, destinations, prices and flight times.

Keep reading! In the article below, we will show you everything you need to know to differentiate between charter, low cost and regular flight companies.

Charter flight companies

They are known for their punctual flights according to market demand, with little air traffic and a higher price. In these cases, all the seats are sold to a specific operator who rents the plane together with the crew in general, taking charge of marketing the flight.

Charter flights are used specifically for a particular situation, for example, military travel, cruise ships, sports teams, soundtracks, and so on . They generally have a single class and are used as direct flights from domestic airports.

The quality, services and level of the flight vary according to the airline company, but generally on Charter flights there is very good attention and quality services due to the considerable cost of the seats.

Tour packages are the most common form of charter flights, offered by travel agencies that present the way to market the flight . During the plane rental , the crew and the TCP work together to offer a good experience to passengers.

Low cost: for tight budgets

Low-cost airlines offer the most economical flights , because they work in secondary airports , have some restrictions with equipment and the flights are short and medium-haul.

The term “low cost” was born in United States airlines more than 30 years ago, offering half -price flights that attracted hundreds of tourists interested in seeing the world on a reduced budget. Nowadays, there are traditional companies that offer low-cost flights on certain occasions, most frequently during the holiday period and seasonal promotions.

On low-cost flights there is no business class, cancellations are not allowed and changes in seats may mean a penalty. Low cost companies offer permanent flights with fixed schedules throughout the year or a specific season, such as holidays or Christmas, for example.

These companies operate only with direct, non-stop flights and their services are basic. It represents an ideal option for those traveling on a tight budget, allowing anyone to have access to a seat and an affordable trip from start to finish.

In the same way as other companies , low cost companies have a qualified crew team and cabin crew at the service of tourists.

Flights on regular companies

They are the most common flight companies, providing conventional flights subject to a fixed itinerary and schedules. Unlike other airlines , regular airlines have different flight classes : economy, business, Premium and regular.

Regular companies offer permanent links and schedules that can last throughout the year or for a season . The majority work from the well-known “hubs”, main, international and centralized airports from where they deploy their flights.

In this way, in the airline sector the company’s destination network is multiplied and it is much easier to promote flights. Depending on the size of the company, it is possible that they have one or more bases of operations.

In general, the ships of regular airlines have varieties that adapt to the demands of each flight , adapting to the distance of the destination (long, medium and short radius), traffic density and flight time.

The services, benefits and quality levels vary depending on the flight class . In any case, in the different categories, passengers have the advice and attention of the TCPs and the crew in general.

Official training: become a cabin crew member

Are you interested in being a flight attendant ? TCPs are part of the crew and professionals most requested by flight companies today.

More than knowing the differences between airline companies , the general theory of aviation, regulations and first aid , with the Lara Aeronautical Training TCP course program you will have 200 hours of training and an official TCP certificate issued and endorsed by the State Agency Air Safety.

The TCP profession is one of the most sought after today, due to the salary benefits, the wide field of work and the demand that exists in the airline sector for experts trained in the care, advice and help of passengers.

With the Lara Formación Aeronáutica training course you will have the necessary knowledge to work as a TCP in any airline in the European Union , expanding your possibilities of working outside the country.

Spain is in the 3rd place of most visited countries in the world, providing even greater possibility of obtaining a well-paid job with convincing benefits to work as a TCP after receiving the certificate.

The requirements to study and take the TCP course are basic and have very few limitations, forming part of another of the benefits of training with Lara Aeronautical Training.

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