The Best Places for Cannabis in the World

Different regions and countries in the world have different cultures, cuisines and traditions. This is obvious, well known and often reflected in the purchasing choices people make; people buy anything from steel to coffee to electronics from different places because of quality, price and necessity. But when it comes to marijuana and cannabis seeds, people often forget that country of origin makes a difference. We have a look at some of the most famous areas of the world for cannabis use and production.


Most people in the world have heard of Acapulco Gold, though some don’t know exactly what it is or think it’s a precious metal. Acapulco Gold is actually a strain of cannabis known for its potency as compared to other varieties. Originally only from the area around Acapulco, this marijuana strain started out being called “Gold” because of the yellow/golden colour of its leaves. However, the quality and premium nature of the marijuana it produces lead to a high price, and the “Gold” moniker came to represent this high class nature rather than the colour. The higher than normal level of THC (the main psychoactive substance in cannabis) in Acapulco Gold has made seeds from this marijuana strain a hot commodity.Ohio Medical Weed


You wouldn’t think that America, with its bizarre categorisation of marijuana and hard line views on the drug, would be a good place for cannabis. But you’d be wrong. One part of California in particular is famous for being the pot capital of the US. An area called the Emerald Triangle in northern California is the country’s largest area of cannabis production. It started as a cottage industry, where anyone with a few marijuana seeds and a garden had a small stash for themselves and perhaps a little money on the side. Today the industry has become much more commercial (though still illegal) and has spread across this part of California. The Emerald Triangle is perfect for the purpose because of the mild climate and vast stretches of secluded landscape for growing away from prying eyes.


Jamaica has a long history with marijuana dating back over 150 years. The island is often associated with ganja (cannabis) thanks to connections with Rastafarianism and famous proponents of marijuana use such as Bob Marley and the Wailers. While cannabis use isn’t as endemic as popular culture might have you believe (it is technically illegal in the country), it is a definite part of the country’s culture, and often a component of Rastafarian rituals and religious practices. Those who follow the religion see marijuana as a powerful substance that opens people’s minds and aids meditation, and Rastafarianism champions ganja use over the consumption of alcohol or use of other drugs.

These are just three areas of the world that have strong links to marijuana and where planting marijuana seeds is an alternative to planting other crops for cash or personal use. However, there are many more, with many new strains of varying potency being developed every year.

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