Use Safetox to reduce ageing stress lines

Developed after years of research, Safetox is an innovative electronic device that helps to eliminate all wrinkles and reduce ageing stress lines. Safetox is a sci-fi headband which is worn between the eyes for a five minutes long session. In this short span of time Safetox uses a unique double-action formula on the facial muscles to offer you a radiant younger looking skin.

Just five minutes of Safetox session helps to inhibit those muscles that cause wrinkles and close up the face and at the same time activates muscles that open up the face and lift the skin. Regular use of Safetox can help reduce wrinkles by up to 65%. No wonder, Safetox is becoming highly popular as botox alternative as it helps to erase wrinkles and reduce ageing stress lines without injections or surgery.Sananga

Clinically proven results on Safetox

Safetox is clinically proven as a safe and effective electronic device that helps eliminate fine-lines and wrinkles. According to the different short, medium and long-term clinical studies carried out by STX-MED and also by a series of independent laboratories and various specialist skin hospitals, Safetox achieves a reduction in wrinkle count of up to 83.3% in the medium term.

Short-term results (after several sessions):

Wrinkle depth:

  • Average reduction: -8.9%
  • Maximum reduction: -21%

Skin texture:

  • Average reduction: -11.1%
  • Maximum reduction: -36%

Medium-term results (after 6 to 12 weeks):

Wrinkle count:

  • Average reduction: -48.4%
  • Maximum reduction: -83.3%

Wrinkle length:

  • Average reduction: -47.4%
  • Maximum reduction: -81.3%

Long-term results:

The preventive effect of Safetox on the appearance of wrinkles is already well-established. The effect of Safetox has been the focus of a large-scale international study for 5 years. Several clinical observations have confirmed a reduction in wrinkles around the eyes in patients who have used Safetox for several months.

Benefits of Safetox over other anti-ageing products

Safetox is rated better than other anti ageing skin care products and facial beauty treatments such as Botox, anti-ageing creams and potions, facials and lifting methods. This is because Safetox helps to effectively reduce fine-lines and wrinkles safely and easily, without injection or surgery. Safetox also turns out to be cost effective method as compared to the cost of regularly using best quality anti-ageing cream or the cost of face-lift surgery.

People who have used both Safetox and Botox consider Safetox better than the Botox treatment. Botox works by ‘freezing’ the muscles in place in order to reduce frown line development and smooth out the skin and therefore there are risks of side effects. Safetox on the other hand, passes electrical energy through the muscles to stimulate them for improved circulation and, potentially, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as a result. Hence there are no risks whatsoever with Safetox. Further, Botox injections are costly and one needs to use them every few months.

In case you are using any other type of facial beauty treatment, you may still use Safetox to reduce wrinkles and ageing stress lines. Depending on your choice you may use Safetox to either replace other techniques or use them in conjunction with Safetox to intensify results. Many users feel Safetox can reduce the need for Botox injection for a longer period and thus helps to save a lot of money.

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