The 10 blogs about dogs that you can’t stop following

The universe of dogs is vast and exciting, and for canine lovers, immersing themselves in the information, tips, and anecdotes about these furry friends is a unique experience Aggressive dogs.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 dog blogs you can’t miss! From exciting stories to practical advice, these blogs have something special for every dog ​​lover.

  1. The Adventures of Lucca the Crazy: News, Tips and More for Furry Lovers

If you are looking for fresh news from the cat and dog world, useful tips, information on adoption or product recommendations for your pets, this blog is your next mandatory stop.

  1. Uma’s Blog: The Fun Adventures of a Mixed Dog

Since Uma arrived on Three Kings Day, her human family has shared their journeys in this fun-filled blog. Watch the growth of this mixed-breed dog, an expert sock thief (hihihi!), and discover her daily learnings.

  1. Veterinary Journal: Professional Knowledge on Science, Animal Health and Research

Written by professional veterinarians, this blog offers fascinating articles for both the veterinary industry and those with a special interest in science, animal health and research.

  1. Perruning: Updates, News and Dog Education

Stay up to date with the latest news and updates from Perruneando, where dog education and training take center stage. Explore dog-assisted interventions and more in this action-packed blog!

  1. How to Train a Puppy: Everything You Need to Know About Care and Education

From basic training and obedience to feeding and health tips, this blog is your complete guide to the care and training of your puppy.

  1. Sitandplas: Enrich Living with Your Dog with Tips and Discoveries

Explore posts that improve coexistence with your furry friend and discover things you may not have known about them. Immerse yourself in Sitandplas to enrich your relationship with your dog!

  1. Life with Pancho: A Blog Dedicated to Life with Dogs, Tips and Adventures

Discover life with Pancho through this blog that offers information on dog nutrition, traveling with your furry companion, practical tips and more.

  1. Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030: News and Updates on Animal Rights

Although it is not a blog itself, this space on the website of the Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030 is essential. Find news and updates on measures, campaigns and programs of the Spanish Government in favor of animal rights.

  1. The Dog Whisperer: A Meeting Space for Canine Education

Based on César Millán’s methodology, this blog offers guidance for those humans with dogs who seek to educate, train and train their furry companion.

  1. Animal Expert: A Complete Blog about the Animal World

With information not only about dogs, but also about cats, birds, rabbits and exotic animals, this blog covers health and care, training, beauty, breeds, food and curiosities.

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